Actual Battery Capacity of Power Bank 10000mah

power bank

power bank

If we go by simple logic and the rule of mathematics, a power bank 10000mah should be able to charge a device of battery capacity 2000mah alteast 5 times. And this would have been true if other constraints were not in place. When we talk of electronic gadgets, the actual performance and the stated performance would always vary because of internal and external factors like heat loss, power loss, battery health and some other factors.

If you buy power bank 10000mah for a device, you are not really going to be able to use all of the 10000mah battery into use, there would be looses that would lessen the real capacity of the power bank.

The first factor that affects the battery capacity is the conversion rate. Conversation rate is the loss of power, could be in form of heat loss too, that occurs when you charge a device with a power bank. The reason here is fairly simple, if you stuff in a big bite of food in your mouth, there will always be some food that will spill. Similarly, when we talk of charging a device with a power bank, there is loss of power because of the difference in the output voltage of the power bank and the input voltage of the device that you charge with it. The output voltage of the power bank varies between 3.7 volts and 4.3 volts, this fluctuation occurs as the battery of the power bank begins to deplete. Now, the input voltage of most of the devices is 5V. In order to compensate for the less voltage, the output voltage of the power bank is converted to be equivalent to 5V. This conversion results in heat loss. You can calculate the conversion rate in a simple way, Charge the power bank and use it to power a device with 2% battery, record the performance of the power bank and calculate the conversion rate.

The second factor that affects the battery capacity of power bank is the battery health. With time, as you use Smartphone/gadget/device, the battery health gets affected. All those times when you did not charge your phone with an original charger or when you were negligent towards ever charging your phone to a 100% or when you always used USB ports of desktop/laptop to charge it will come and bite you back. These things and several other factors can affect the battery health of the Smartphone you own. When we talk of real capacity of a power bank 10000mah, the battery health is considered to be perfect but this is not really the case when we check that in real time. For calculating battery health of Smartphone, there is no fix method, but if you think that the phone is working fine, the average efficiency can be used i.e. 80% or 0.8
univers power bank

These two important factors affect the real capacity of the power bank and thus the actual battery capacity is low then the real battery capacity. To calculate the actual number of times that you charge a device with your power bank 10000mah, use the following formula:

Real battery capacity of power bank * conversion rate * battery health/ battery capacity of gadget= no of charge time

tempered screen Guard

All you need to know Tempered Glass Screen Protector

tempered screen protectorTempered glass screen protector is made from toughened glass that has properties that make it much stronger than normal glass. The toughened glass is made with special procedure that makes it endure more impact than what normal glass can. The tempered glass screen protector can take on first impact of a fall or drop without letting the screen get affected.

The tempered glass screen protector is made from chemical process or a thermal process that requires the glass to be subjected to very high temperature and quenching right after that. The manufacturing process is in fact quite interesting. The glass is heated till it gets into a molten form; the molted glass is then put in a chamber that has several nozzle that blast air at the molten glass to cool it down quickly. Now, when the air is blasted at the glass, the upper layers settles in quickly i.e. it gets cooled down quickly while the inner layer is still hot. Now, the air is not subjected until the molten glass has settled in completely, this is instead done, only until the upper layers settles in. Now, as the inner layer begins to cool down and settle, it exerts tensile force on the upper layer, the upper layer that has already settled exhibits compressive stress.

It is due to the tensile and compression stress that the tempered glass screen protector is made to be 4 times more in strength than normal glass. The tempered glass screen guard is therefore used to protect touch screen used in Smartphone, touchpad, iPod, iPod and other touch sensitive gadgets where the screen is the main user interface.

tempered screen GuardFor a tempered glass screen protector to be used as a protective sheath on top of a gadget, it is important that the tempered glass screen protector meets three important criterions, such as:

  1. The thickness of the tempered glass should not be more than 0.3mm. A tempered glass that has thickness more than the standard 0.3mm will affect the touch responsiveness of the device.
  2. The tempered glass screen protector should be installed as such that there should be no air gaps or bubbles between the tempered glass and the screen. If there are air gaps or bubbles, chances are that you will not like the touch sensitivity of the screen guard protector.
  3. The tempered glass screen protector should be electrically conductive. This is extremely important. When you have a touch screen Smartphone or iPod, the responsiveness of the screen is actually a result of various small elements set inside the phone that measure pressure, length and other such factors. The result that you get on the screen after touching your phone in a certain way is because of this sensitivity of your touch screen. If the tempered glass is not electrically conductive, it might hamper the working of the regular feature that involves touch sensitivity in your phone.

If you are looking to buy tempered glass screen protector online or offline, you should not really worry about all these factors, since most of the good quality tempered glass screen guards meet these entire criterion.

Tempered glass screen protectors have not just one but many layers which makes it scratch resistant, fingerprint resist, oil print proof, anti-reflective and the perfect shield for your Smartphone screen.

mobile phone cases

Types of Mobile Covers You Can Buy

Mobile Cover

Mobile Covers

Mobile covers work as a protective covering for Smartphone. Mobile covers can solve the dual purpose of being a fashion accessory that adds to the style of the mobile phone and serve as a protective covering for the Smartphone. Mobile covers come in many different materials, types and shapes. Here are the top 6 types of mobile covers you can buy for your Smartphone:

  1. Metal mobile case

Metal mobile case, as the name suggests are made from metal. Since, these have a metal make, they are very strong. If you want to protect your phone from dents, scratches and impact of a fall, you should buy mobile cover in metal. The disadvantage of mobile cover is that these are quite expensive and they add to the weight of the phone. Most of the Smartphone users look for lightweight Smartphone, hence buying a metal mobile case may not be a very practical choice for them.

  1. Silicon mobile cover

Silicon mobile covers are the most popular and most used mobile cover. Silicon mobile covers are lightweight, they come for a meek price, they are shock absorbent, come in variety of colors and do not conceal the look of the phone. There are soft silicon mobile covers and there are hard silicon mobile covers. Most of the soft silicon mobile covers are transparent, while the hard silicon mobile covers feature prints and fun designs.

  1. Plastic mobile cover

Plastic mobile covers are also quite popular, plastic mobile covers are lightweight and come in numerous prints and colors. Plastic mobile covers do not cost a lot either, these are extremely popular since they come for cheap and do not add to weight of the phone.

  1. Bumper

Bumper mobile covers are covers that only protect the sides of your phone. These covers are perfect for protecting the phone sides from dents and scratches. However, these covers do not protect the back of the phone. Many people use silicon or plastic mobile covers that come with a bumper inside.

  1. Handcrafted mobile covers

Mobile CoverIf exclusivity is your thing, you should buy handcrafted mobile covers. These covers feature studded work, design work and even traditional world including stones, sequin, embroidery and the likes. The handcrafted mobile covers are perfect for people who like colorful designer covers for their phones.

  1. High-end Mobile covers

High end mobile covers, as offered by Smartphone brands, fashion accessory brands and other manufacturers which offer covers that can protect your phone from an airplane drop or are waterproof safe, are expensive but offer a great deal of protection to the phone.

It is essential that you use a mobile cover with your phone, while a tempered glass guard can take the first impact on itself, in case of a drop, the back cover can take the first impact, hence protecting the back and sides of the phone.

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Mobile Covers

tempered glass screen protector 

Tempered Glass Screen protector 

People often doubt where there is any practical use of mobile covers. Well, there is. Mobile covers are useful and they are a very practical mobile accessory. People invest thousands on buying a smartphone, if you buy any of the high end smartphones, You will have to spend your months salary on purchasing it. So, when you are spending so much on buying smartphones, it is only wise to buy mobile cover and other protective accessory like glass screen guards. To sum up the uses, here are 6 reasons why you should use mobile covers:

  1. Protection of back

Mobile covers can protect the back of the phone. If you use a shell mobile cover or a pouch mobile cover that covers up the back of the phone then it shall protect the back of the phone from scratches and dents.

  1. Protection of sides

Mobile covers like bumpers and flap cases or covers that protect the side of the phone are useful for protecting the sides of the phone against dents and scratches.

  1. Grip

Mobile covers give you a better grip on the phone. With the Slim smartphone trend in place, it so happens that sleeker the phone, less is the grip. Consider, iphone 6 for example, it’s a great piece of technology but the phone is very slippery, which is why you will see most of the iphone 6 users using a mobile cover with there phone.

  1. First impact

If you phone drops or falls accidentally, on its back, the mobile cover can endure the first impact, thus protecting the phone from damage.

  1. Style statement

Mobile covers come in so many colors and designs, you can totally use them as a style accessory with your smartphone. If you buy plastic mobile covers or silicone mobile covers online, you can get a whole range of mobile covers in different colors and prints to go with all that you have in your wardrobe.

  1. Special mobile covers
Mobile Cover E5

Mobile Cover

There are many special mobile covers as well that offer waterproofing and can take on the impact even if the phone falls from an airplane. These mobile covers come packed with special features, so if you are looking for something specific in the mobile covers, you can buy from these.

  1. Price

While mobile covers offer a lot of protection, they do not come for a very high price. In fact you can find a whole range of mobile covers in plastic, silicon and other materials priced at a couple of hundred. Especially, if you buy mobile covers online, there are chances that you will get amazing deals on the mobile covers.